My cousin has “swan flew”~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I have had 5 weeks of summer vacation. Now, I have  maybe 2~3 weeks of vacation left.

During the vacation, I didn’t really went any of places. I like the only thing that I don’t have to go to school. And, here’s what I’m doing everyday during the vacation.

  • Wakeing up at 5:45 in the morning.
  • Watch my favorite TV animation “Te-guck-Chunjamoon” for 30 munites.
  • Read history books or Harry Potter before 12:00 in the morning.
  • Play with my sister little bit.
  • Watch another “Te-guck-Chunjamoon” in 1:00~1:30, 2:00~2:30, 3:00~3:30. But not on the weekend.
  • Do some math or mathtest.
  • Play computer for 1 hour. (Only on Monday and Wednesday)
  • Do homework that comes from CDI English  Academie. (Writing Assey, Memorizing 90 words, and 5 more…)
  • Read some more books.
  • Go to CDI English Academie at 7:00 PM. (Only on Monday and Friday)
  • Do some tests and study a lot in my CDI Academie for 3 hours. (Only on Monday and Friday)
  • Come back to home at 10:00 PM. (Only on Monday and Friday)
  • Read some more books…again.
  • Play with my sisters.
  • Go back to sleep at 12:00 PM. Then get a nice dream.

This is what I’m doing most everyday in my vacation. Everythings are not that hard for me, but my hardest work is doing homework that is comes from CDI Academie. Because, I have to memorize 90 words, 10 vocabularys, write 1 assey in my class book and other 1 in CDI homepage, Do more then 10 tests that is on the CDI homepage, and answer the few hard question that are from my class book.  They gives us maybe 3 days to finish.

There’s one good news for me! Few days later, My every cousins and family and I are going to Hotel for 3 days!  


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Hello~! It’s Chaeyoon Again~!!!!

In here, everyday is really really really boring.  But my sisters love this life. because our life is really really really simple for a while . Like….we are not going to school for a while, and we are not studying. Our whole time is free time. So, why don’t I like this? I will tell you.

This is what I’m doing everyday.

  1. Read lots and lots of books and Language art text book.
  2. Watching TV in the morning.
  3. Play computer or Nintendo DS three times a week.
  4. Doing blogging almost everyday.
  5. Draw.

And that’s all. I really want to go to school in hurry and meet some new friends. And I want to learn some new things. I want to do Math, Science, and Social. Good thing I will go to my new school 4 days after.

P.S. My mom said I should write a posts almost everyday. Then, do I have to write some Diary or Something? And should I except my mom’s suggestion?

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Hi, my last school year’s class mates!!!!! It’s Chaeyoon who MISS you guys very much. And I  really want to tell you guys my life in Korea. Like… where do I live, that kind of stuffs.

  • When I Went Back to Korea….

I maybe get down from the Airplane a week ago. First, we had to check if we had an evil stuffs or something. We spent few minutes in Airport. And when we went out from Airport, I saw my dad, grandparents, Aunt, and my cousins Euna and Euchan. But when I saw them, I thought I saw an stranger that I’ve seen somday. But there was no Soyeon and Huiyeon. I asked Euna why. Then she said, “Soyeon is preparing for Math, Language Art, Social, and Science test. And she really wants to get ALL 100 score in her test. So she said she doesn’t want to come here and meet you and play with us.” So I said “What the hack…” then I said that again. I was the only person who loved test in Canada. But in here, even my little cousin love tests. I felt little bit scary(and jealous) . I thought I might not a mathlete anymore. I went in to my Aunt’s car to go to Grandma’s house. Because we were going to have dinner party! And…while we were going to Grandma’s house, I realized….there were lots of apartments, towers, and smokes from cars. And I realized…there was NO TREES! Well actually, there was little bit of’em.

Oh! And I just saw Jacob before I go back to Korea!!!! Isn’t that so awsome?!

  • My House

My house is in Seoul. Which is capital city of Korea. I’m living in old apartment which has 13 floors. And I’m living in 11th floor. My house has 3 big rooms, 1 very small room (size=bathroom), 1 kitchen, and 2 bathrooms. and I finally had my OWN room!!! I never get my own room before. I was always sharing room with my 2 sisters. But not now. And I have BED! So…why am I so exiting about havinga bed? Because, I was sleeping on carpet(kind of) in Canada. Well, I like my house. And I have an BIG air condition. Because it’s very hot in Korea. Even in winter…

  • I’m planning to…

I’m going to go to my new school 6 days later. I will study better then before. Actually, I will do EVERYTHING better then before. I think I will have lots and lots of rivals. Because even my little sister get 100 score in Math, Language Art, Social, and Science. Life is hard….Oh! one important thing! I will never forget my friends, teachers, and neighbors. Which is you!  And I’m planning to take a picture of Korea, my house, and my new friends new Grade 6(Except I’m still not going to school). And put them on the Blog!

Well, it’s end fo my “In Korea…” post. I will keep my blog to meet you guys! See ya! And I miss you everybody!!!!!!!

*P.S. I think I’m no longer math-lover. Math is hard in Korea. But I still like Art and Science…

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I don’t want to move back to Korea.

I love here. I love everything in here.

I really want to stay here forever, with my best friends, teachers…. and my 2 husbands!

I Love you Everyone~!!!!!!!

And I’ll miss you very much…!


-From Chaeyoon, to my classmates.

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This School year is ALMOST finish. June 29th is last day of school year in our school.

On this school year, I have very lot’s of highlights. That was very special days for me. And I really want to tell you about my this school year’s highlights.

  • My first highlight – Halloween!

You might know this school year’s Halloween party was my FIRST Halloween party. I did…it’s very hard to explane. Because it was so fun. You can see my old post about Halloween party…. it’s was Awsome!

  • My second highlight – Hornby Island

Camp at Hornby Island with my friends was my best thing ever during the school year. I mean…it was really best thing in my life so far. We played lots of games, slept in the tent with friends (We talked about scary story. Remember my old post?), We stayed there without parents for 3 days!
And, you know I made my best friend (Catie) when I went to Hornby Island. It’s was Awsome!

  • My third highlight – Blogging

First, blogging was boring job ever. But not anymore. Blogging is very fun. I’m going to keep my blog forever. And it made made me a difference. I was not a very good writer. But I get better now. Blogging helped me to study English and writing. It’s very Awsome!

  • My forth highlight – Education Week 2009

Do you know about Education Week 2009? And did you saw that front page poster? And do you know who draw that? It was me~! I didn’t wrote a post about it, because I was to busy. But it ws so awosome. My whole intire class got a Pizza Party too! It was so Awsome!


I have very lots of more highlights in my mind. But I can’t wrote them all. Cause it’s too many.  Well, I’m happy because it’s almost the END of the school year, but in other side, I’m sad. I’m living Canada to Korea. And never coming back.


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P.S. This post is for Blogging event from Nicholas! (Only for our class)

Hello! It’s Chaeyoon. Again…

I really really want to show you guys about my favorite stuffs. And, it’s not that normal favorite stuffs. It’ll be very interesting post. (Maybe)

  • My favorite fooooods (This one might gross)

I really like……Susie things. Like, from Korea, China, or Japan. But! there’s one gross thing to eat! And, that’s one of my favorite food………………..

I like grasshopper! That’s really awesome! I mean……It’s  gross! for you guys.

When I was about 10,  I went to the country with my whole family. We catch the fishes in the lake, and we harvest lot’s of fruit. And more. And when we went to walk around the grass field (I’m still in the country), We saw very lots of grasshoppers. Then, mom said let’s catch some grasshoppers. I wondered why did she want to get grasshoppers. Because my mom don’t really like to go and catch the things. But, me and my family just catch lots and lots of grasshoppers. I asked her why is she catching the grasshoppers. She told me “Because we are going to EAT them.” I felt really gross about it. We went back to our cabin. And we made a fire place and burn all those grasshoppers. Then my mom and dad started to eat them. So I tried just a little piece. And, guess what? It Was ok.

Please don’t call me Grasshopper eater. Every Korean people loves ‘em! You guys are hate ‘em because you are not Korean. OK?

  • My Favorite things to do (This one might be fun)

First, I love art. Second, I love math. But everybody knows that thing, right? (Who’s in our class) So, I’ll tell you the thing I really loves to do that you never heard from me.
I like……

To turn on the bathtub’s water while my sisters are playing in there with their stuffys.

If you don’t really get it, I’ll tell you my story.
Maybe, three or four months ago, my little sisters Emily and Betsy really loves to play in the bath tob with no water. So, that mean, they are playing in the bathtub with cloths on it. And they put their pillow, stuffys and even bed quilt in the bathtub. And when I come in, they never let me inside. So I get little bit angry. So! I get a plan.    To Turn On The Water While They Were Playing In There!
So, I asked mom “Can I do……..blah blah blah blah blah???” Mom think for long time and she said yes. So, I wait until they went into the bathtub. When they went inside with their stupid stuffs, I came into the bathroom and pretending to I’m brushing my teeth. And believe or not, I REALLY turn on the water. So their all stuffy, pillow, bed quilt, and their cloths get wet. It was very funny. So, Emily and Betsy went to tell mom, But I didn’t get in any trouble. ‘Cause she was in my side.
And, that’s my favorite things to Do! And, next time, my sister are never play in the bathtub ever again.

  • My favorite……….never mind. (?)

I have other lots of favorite stuffs too. But, these are not that entertaining stuff to tell. So, I’ll just finish my post from now! So…do you like my post so far…? I hope you’ll like it…or not.

  • P.S. I changed my blog title into ” Chaeyoon’s SUPER COOL Blog!” Because I think it’s cool!

And….bye bye~!

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President of Korea!

I really want to be a president. It must be really hard, but I really want to. I think it’s really coooooool. And P.S. I want to be President fo USA to, but I can not speak English THAT good.

If I can’t be President of Korea, I want to be……

  • Prime Minister
  • Greatest Artist in the whole world
  • Judge
  • Book author
  • Fashion designer

And some more….

Well, I really want to be a person who’s very famous and professional. Not a Amateur.
I should study hard and hard if I really want to make my dream come true. Isn’t it?

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For the last two or one weeks, Josh and Francesca tought us how to make Art-Umbrella.

First time, I thought Art-Umbrella will be boring. Before time, I thought Art is not a computer project. But it IS a art. It was really super cool time while we were doing the Art-Umbrella. And too bad now we finished.

Art-Umbrella is not only taking a picture putting them together. If we want to make really wonderful art work, we need to be really creative.

And, I made this wonderful picture. (I made lot of other pictures too, but I’m showing you guys my favorite one. Do you like it?)

Well, and thank you for Josh and Francesca  who tought us how to make Art-Umbrella.

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Hello!!!!!!! Today is Mother’s Day!

What did you do to your mom at mother’s day? something special for her? or nothing? Well, of course, special. So, what did you do? I gave her a beautiful peace of Mother’s day poster just for my mom (kind of), and me and my sister gave her surprise morning table for her.

Yesterday, Me and my sisters are gave her a card. Littlest Sister Betsy gave her the plant, and card. She made them at her class. My little sister Emily made a card at our house. Her card was really heavy for a card. Because there was lot’s of coin and little pink pen (Not a new one….). And me, well, Our class didn’t make any card, or any gift. So I should really hurry. But I didn’t want to make a card. Because makeing a card was very reguller. So I just ran to my room and draw a Mother’s Day poster for my mom with my marker. It was hard to draw with marker very wonderfully, But I did.

And today mornig, we woke up very earily in the morning. And we made little breakfast for her. First, I made Food Menu. And Emily and Betsy cleaned all of the table. Then we started to opened the food case, and then we put them on the table. And I made coffie and egg for her. We did all of ‘em while she was sleeping. Mom was very surprise when she saw them. ^_^

It was really special day. We made Mother’s Day to really special. Like…Mother’s Day’s Party. 

P.S. To my class mates.
I really did another math test during the weekend. Even 2 of them!

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